About Us

KISAN.com is a website for farming community, designed to serve various purposes, one of which is to make social and professional life of agriculture industry more active and interesting.

KISAN.com intends to bring Decision Makers and Opinion Leaders in Agriculture on a common platform. It is an unbiased, open, uninfluenced platform for everybody to use to their own extent.


KISAN's agri network can help you maintain your existing professional relationships while establishing new professional relationship. It’s very easy by creating your profile which serves as your constant virtual presence depicting you ideas, opinions.

Initiating and maintaining a constant dialogue is so handy on KISAN.com by expressing your valuable comments on each contribution.


KISAN makes it effortless to locate people who share your interests and passions right on the MAP.

Who you interact with is entirely up to you. Before getting to know a KISAN.com member, you can read their profile and decide yourself.


To join KISAN, simply sign up with any of your Email Account and you can begin to create your own profile right away. If you do not have an Email Account yet, you can create one in few minutes. It doesn’t take too long.